Skin Generics

Superior quality cosmeceutical solution with a high percentage of active complexes.

Korean-inspired and Spanish-made, Skin Generics stands out from the competition for its high percentage of active complexes. We have developed each products with unique and innovative textures to create a sensory experience in each application. Today, Skin Generics has an international presence in Spain, Europe, United Kingdom, Canada and the USA, with a total of 1,091 points of sale. 

logo Skin Generics

Created in 2019 and inspired by Korean beauty must-haves, Skin Generics has been developed to listen to the needs of each skin and treat it. Its formulations are differentiated by their sensory textures that intensify the skin absorption of its active ingredients, increasing their effectiveness on the skin. Skin Generics combines the image and values ​​of a niche brand with the effectiveness of apothecary products

High percentage of active ingredients

Its products contain high percentages of active complexes of up to 96% and were created with the aim of satisfying the needs of all skin types at an affordable price. 

A project of international ambition, which has extended its distribution to countries such as UK, Ireland, Portugal, France, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland Poland, Czech Republic, Romania , Bulgaria. , Croatia, Norway, Sweden, USA, Canada, India and South Africa, among others. With a strong presence in the online channel, Skin Generics is distributed in its own electronic stores, niche product pharmacies and parapharmacies, with a total of 1,091 points of sale